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Udaipur Tourist Attraction

Udaipur', known as the lovely lakeside capital of Mewar. The kingdom of Mewar, with which many legends of bravery are associated, was considered the most respectable of all Rajput princely states in Rajasthan. The Rulers of Mewar are still remembered for their bravery & courage they showed for protecting their motherland from external invaders. Udaipur's beauty and its remarkable past blossoms in the heart of the visitors for a long time.

One of the most romantic cities in Rajasthan, Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes. The marble palaces, beautifully laid out gardens and the lakes make Udaipur seem almost like a mirage.

The Mewar festival is celebrated to Gangaur Goddesswelcome the advent of spring. It coincides with the festival of Gangaur in Udaipur, and has a unique charm about it.

The festival of Gangaur is very significient for women of Rajasthan. It is a time for them to dress up in their best clothes and participate in the festival. They gather to dress the image of Isar and Gangaur and then carry them in ceremonial procession through different parts of the city. The procession winds its way to the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichhola. Here, the images are transferred to special boats amidst much singing and festivity. Once the religious part of the festival is over, it is time for cultural events where Rajasthani culture is portrayed through songs, dances and other programmes. The festival culminates with an impressive fireworks display. Like other fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the state, there is a lot of activity which keeps the participants in a joyful frame of mind, eager to enjoy every moment of the celebrations.

Ropeway in Udaipur

Udaipur has got another good evening activity which gives you a chance to have Bird's eye view of the whole old and new city, lakes and palaces from an altitude. Recently started Karni Mata Ropeway has been getting popular amongst domestic and international tourists. Its a ride of about 500 meters from Dudh Talai garden (new Garden built on the hill) to Ropeway junction at another Hill where old and know Temple of "Karnimata Godess" is situated. Its the very first Ropeway of Rajasthan.

A multicuisine Restaurant adds up to the reson for staying longer on topof hill and keep staring the natural beauty around.

Where to reach : Ropeway Point, Din Dayal Garden, Dudh Talai, near Lake Pichola.

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